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Known as the home to Alan Sugar’s Amstrad, and the headquarters of Equity Insurance Group and Ford Motor Cars, the town of Brentwood enjoys plentiful employment opportunities. With high achieving schools such as the famous Brentwood Private School, Brentwood really is the place to live for many.

Being fortunate enough to own a sizeable detached property in Brentwood, allows you unique opportunities to create unique loft conversions. Without constraints of surrounding properties, detached properties really do have the potential to create a large loft conversion offering space for perhaps two bedrooms and separate bathroom, or perhaps one bedroom, bathroom and large living space to allow your children their own self contained space within the security of the family home.

Whether a luxurious home office, artists studio or cinema room, choosing to convert the loft of your Brentwood property allows you to increase the footprint of your home and maximise the use of space.

Abbey Partnership have over 16 years experience of carrying out high-quality loft conversions in Brentford and further afield around the Greater London area, including Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex. With our newly opened office in Chelmsford, call us today to arrange a free no-obligation site visit; pick our brains, share your own ideas and take the first step towards creating a stunning loft conversion.