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Hertfordshire has a variety of different types of properties that can be converted. They range from Victorian properties which can be found in towns like Barnet and Hertford, to 1980’s properties which can be found all over Greater London and home counties.

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Towns like Borehamwood for example have houses mostly built in the 1950’s, which have been very good for loft conversions. In Potters Bar there are many 1930’s semi-detached houses and bungalows, which also have ideal lofts for conversion. The styles of conversions vary, according to the type of style roof as well as the space required and budgets of homeowners. The average loft conversions can provide at least a bedroom with a shower room.

Some of the 1930’s properties that require a hip to gable conversion and are typical of Greater London can be converted with two bedrooms and a shower room, which make them ideal for converting. The average cost is around £32,000, which is about 10% of the value of the average 1930’s semi detached property. Gaining approximately ¾ of an entire level for 10% of the value of the average property has become the simplest and most cost effective way of  extending homes. It has, no doubt become the most popular choice for home owners requiring the space they need. The cost of moving together with the stress has also contributed to the popularity of loft conversions.

The current climate has also been a contributing factor into the recent uplift in popularity of loft conversions.  It’s hard to imagine when entering into a loft space the potential space that can be created. Some of the Victorian terraced properties that we have converted in the Barnet area have had what is known as an L Shape dormer conversion. This means that we have built over the rear edition as well as on the main roof. Under permitted development, two bedrooms and a shower can be created with this style of conversion.