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A well kept and desirable area, the town centre combines historic listed buildings, picturesque cottages and modern residential developments in the surrounding areas. No matter how old or new your Berkhamsted home, converting your loft to increase your living space is more often than not a feasible option.

A loft conversion in an older property may require careful planning and design to ensure planning permission is granted, but it is always an option worth considering. The costs incurred in carrying out a loft conversion will be a lot less than the costs involved in moving house, and the stress and upheaval almost nonexistent in comparison.

If you are keen to convert your loft but are unsure whether it is even possible, Abbey Partnership will happily visit your home to cast an expert eye over your loft space. We will draw on our knowledge and previous experience to come up with ideas on what is and is not viable, and guide you through the planning process if required.

A loft conversion in Berkhamsted really can give your home and your lifestyle a whole new outlook. Whether you create simply an organized storage space, a guest bedroom, a second living room or a computer room you will be surprised at how much difference just one extra room can make to your everyday life. Abbey Partnership provide an independent 10 year warranty on every loft conversion we carry out, ensuring you are able to enjoy your new space with additional peace of mind for years to come.