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With an abundance of solidly built, practical family homes Cheshunt has proved itself as a popular location in which to raise a family. Many Cheshunt families are realising that when they require that bit more space in their home, a loft conversion is often the cheapest, least disruptive way to add space to their existing home. A loft conversion can often provide more than the extra space you required without the expense, stress and upheaval of moving.

When children are already settled in their schools, with established friendships with other children in their neighbourhood, why put them through the pressures of relocating when your loft space could easily provide the extra space you require?

Loft conversions in Cheshunt could easily provide you with or maybe two extra rooms, along with a small bathroom or shower room if desired. At Abbey Partnership our teams draw on their years of experience to bring expert design and creative skills to maximise the loft space you have available to you.

A popular choice for families is to create perhaps one extra bedroom plus additional playroom or living space at the top of the house, allowing children to have their own self-contained area allowing them that feeling of independence, and allowing you as a parent to enjoy the resulting peace and quiet in the rest of your home! A child’s own space can provide a great homework space away from the distractions of family life, or simply a place to hang out with their friends.

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