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In some cases, planning permission must be sought from the local authority before any loft conversion work can commence. The knowledgeable team at Abbey Partnership are here to guide you through the planning process, and once permission is obtained we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your Hitchin loft conversion meets all your requirements.

Converting a loft into an extra bedroom is a popular choice in Hitchin, and often pays for itself when you come to sell your home. The decision to add an en-suite bathroom made early on in the planning process will ensure the layout of your loft conversion is designed to maximize the space, incorporating all pipes and electrics into the build. By integrating the stairs access into your existing home, a loft conversion can transform a standard Hitch family home into something extraordinary.

Abbey Partnership have over 16 years experience of converting lofts in Hitchin and in the Hertfordshire area. Whether you are considering a relatively simple dormer loft conversion, or more substantial hip to gable loft conversion, our skilled team are ready to help. Whether you are at the early stages of just thinking about converting your loft, or have specific requirements and are looking for a reputable company to complete the conversion for you, call us on 0203 581 0354 for a no obligation site visit and free quotation. All our work is covered by an independent warranty for 10 years.