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Homeowners in Hoddesdon are looking to convert their lofts for numerous reasons, whether simply to create an extra bedroom, enhance the feeling of space in their home or to create a self contained studio or one bedroom flat. More and more of us are realizing that we simply aren’t using our property to its full potential, there is much to be gained by converting the loft space and the cost is a lot less than many expect.

The humble bungalow is the perfect example of how a loft conversion in Herts can almost double the floor space with the addition of a dormer loft conversion, without increasing the footprint of the property and therefore decreasing the size of the garden. A fairly typical loft conversion in a bungalow can add an extra two bedrooms, a small bathroom and even an extra storage cupboard. When it comes to sell your converted property you cannot fail to reap the rewards.

A loft conversion in Hoddesdon can transform your property from a standard house to an outstanding home. A well thought out loft conversion can add the real wow factor, and really can alter the way you live your lives. Why waste time flicking through glossy home magazines pining over the ‘perfect’ modern home when you can create your own perfect home by working with our skilled designers to plan and build your own unique loft conversion. A sleek, modern, light filled space at the top of the house is sure to put a smile on your face even on the dreariest of days.