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Wandsworth enjoys higher property prices, and property owners who have maximised their living space with the addition of a loft conversion are reaping the financial rewards. In an area where scope for new builds and more conventional extensions are few and far between, it is fortunate that it is easy to gain planning permission in Wandsworth for a quality loft conversion.

A Dormer Loft Conversion is a popular choice in Wandsworth where the existing roof space does not provide sufficient head room to create a usable room. Extra space is created by extending the walls up and out of the existing roof to create a flat ceiling inside. This type of conversion can result in interesting spaces within your loft conversion, which can be maximised with the installation of an en-suite bathroom and built-in storage. By including storage in the eaves of your new loft conversion, you can ensure that every inch of your loft space that can be used is being put to an effective purpose.

Famous as the start of the University Boat Race, Putney sits alongside the River Thames at the end of the New Kings Road that leads into affluent Chelsea, and out into leafy Roehampton. Whether riverside mansion blocks or Victorian terraced houses, property in Putney is much sought after.

A well planned loft conversion in a riverside Putney property can add thousands to the property’s value by making best use of a priceless commodity – riverside views. Even in the heart of an expansive city like London, glimpses of flowing water help to create a calmness and relaxation. A loft converted into a studio space combined with roof terrace overlooking the river would command premium property prices.