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Detached houses in the area are very few and far between, with the majority of properties being inter-war terraces and semi-detached houses alongside modern apartments.

Both Wembly terraced houses and semi-detached properties can be suitable for loft conversions, and adding a loft conversion to your home can be the simplest and most cost effective way to gain extra living space. Before you consider moving to a larger property, have you considered extending upwards into your loft? Loft spaces are very often dark and dusty disused spaces, containing nothing more than a few old suitcases and boxes of items long forgotten. Converting your Wembly loft can greatly enhance your quality of life, affording you the extra space you may not otherwise be able to afford. A light room at the top of the house can exude peace and harmony away from the hustle and bustle of family life below.

Whether the thriving suburb of Willesden, or fashionable Kensal Green, the Borough of Brent has something for everyone. As property prices in neighbouring Notting Hill went skyward, many young professionals with families, artists and media types have flocked to Kensal Green taking advantage of lower property prices and great transport links, causing the area to thrive. Now a buzzing popular location, Kensal Green property is in high demand. What better time to maximise your Kensal Green residence by converting the loft space? Opting for a loft conversion maximises the available square footage of your home no matter what you choose to use your additional space for. A Kensal Green property complete with converted loft will always command a higher price tag than the neighbouring property without.