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The opening of the railway station on Ealing Broadway in 1879 provided modern transport links enabling people to travel into London for work, and to return home to the green spaces to live. Ealing is home to a large number of semi detached houses, designed to fit the requirements of the Victorian middle classes. Unlike most other London Boroughs, the majority of houses in Ealing remain as houses and have not been divided into flats and bedsit accommodation.

The Victorian semi detached properties of Ealing are well suited to hip to gable loft conversions as most semi-detached properties have an existing hip-end roof structure. A hip to gable style loft conversion changes the shape of the roof and is usually combined with wither a velux, mansard or dormer conversion greatly increasing your loft area. A loft conversion in an Ealing property could provide up to two extra bedrooms plus a small bathroom if well designed – or perhaps a large games room would be your preferred use of your currently redundant loft space?!

Like many other West London Boroughs, the Borough of Ealing is both religiously and ethnically diverse being home to a large Irish Community, a significant Polish Community in and around the vast estates of Acton, and one of the largest communities of South Asians to be found outside of the Indian sub-continent have made Southall their home.

Southall is primarily a South Asian residential district, with extended families often sharing one property. Preferring to stay in the same property, many Southall residents are looking to loft conversions to increase the available space in their home as their families grow. A Southall loft conversion can provide one or perhaps two extra bedrooms to suit your needs, contact Abbey Partnership today to discuss your requirements.