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Building a Loft Conversion Gym in your Home

Many of us begin the New Year determined to get fitter. But heading out to the gym on a dark, cold winter’s morning isn’t always appealing! So why not bring the gym to you instead? Creating a home gym in a loft conversion is a great way to save time, boost motivation and get the very best out of your exercise routine.

Home gym ideas

Gym at home

Designing your own home gym in a loft conversion means that you can furnish it with the exact equipment you need. So, whether you enjoy a hefty weightlifting workout, or prefer to spend time in peaceful contemplation on a yoga mat, you can curate your space to provide a personalised exercise environment designed to meet your needs. When you’re planning your loft conversion gym, be sure to consider everything you might want to include in the space:

  • Weights and resistance equipment
  • Cardio equipment: treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical trainer
  • Floor mats with space to do yoga or other floor-based workouts
  • Mirrors
  • Empty space for dance, aerobics or martial arts
  • A sound system and/or TV to keep you entertained as you work out

woman working out at home in loft conversion gym

Ensuite facilities for that post-workout shower

One of the greatest benefits of a home gym in your loft conversion is the comfort and convenience of an ensuite bath or shower room. Instead of slumming it in communal facilities, you can freshen up in your own private space. You could even install a sauna and spa for the ultimate luxury and indulgence. 

Bathroom loft conversion

Considerations when building a home gym in your loft space

If there’s limited space in your home, a loft conversion is often the ideal place to locate your home gym. But there are a few considerations to be aware of:

  • Load bearing. Can your floor take the weight of your gym equipment? Cross trainers and other machines can be heavy, so take advice to ensure that you won’t fall through the ceiling mid-workout.
  • Noise. As well as cranking up the volume on your favourite tracks, the constant pounding overhead as you run or jump could be a real disturbance for your family. You may need to soundproof the room to ensure that what happens in your home gym, stays in your home gym. 
  • Space. When you’re calculating how much room you have for your loft conversion gym, don’t forget to include an allowance for the extra space your machines will take up when they move. If you have a lot of equipment to fit in, or you want to double up your loft for other uses, an L-shaped loft conversion is a great way to divide the space into zones for different uses.
  • The view. There’s nothing quite like getting outside for a run. But with some careful planning and canny design, you can bring the outside in. Floor-to-ceiling windows in a Mansard loft conversion could help you enjoy the natural light, get your Vitamin D fix, and make the most of the view.

person picking up weights during a workout in their loft conversion gym

Case studies

Depending on space, your home gym could sit alongside an extra ensuite bedroom. We built a bedroom, gym and shower room in this rear dormer conversion in Berkhamsted.

Berkhampstead home renovation bathroom

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