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Converting Your Loft: a Weekly Overview

The usual completion time for a standard loft conversion is four to six weeks, and while you’re downstairs listening to all the hammering and drilling you’re probably wondering what stage your builders are at. Here we give you a detailed summary of the schedule your builders may be following to complete your loft conversion, to make the wait go a little quicker.1823

Week 1

  • The scaffolding will be erected to make the loft safe and transport the materials which are delivered.
  • A hole is cut in the roof to be used as the main access point until the new staircase installed.
  • Beams are installed to support the weight of the roof and floor joists are fitted. At this stage plumbers and electricians may be called in to install under floor pipes and wires.
  • After this is complete the Local Authority building control officer will inspect the work to ensure everything is as it should be.

Week 2

  • Structural changes will now start to take place such as alterations to the roof- veluxes are installed, dormers and gables are built.
  • Tilers will finish the outside of the roof to make sure it’s weather safe, as well as making sure the guttering and leadwork is installed.

Week 3

  • Structural work should now be complete and the staircase can be fitted. This is an exciting stage as your loft will now start to feel functional.
  • Spaces between the joists are filled with insulation followed by floorboards being fixed in place.

Week 4

  • Everything is now plastered and after this has dried, radiators can be attached and switches, light fittings, skirting and handrails are fitted.

Week 5

  • If you’ve opted for a ensuite or bathroom this will now be installed.

Week 6

  • Builders will do some ‘snagging’ which is a process at the end of a building job which involves tidying and fixing minor faults. You and your contractor will go through the loft together to make sure you’re satisfied.
  • The building control officer will visit for the final time for their inspection and report; the work is signed off by the council.
  • Everything is now complete, you can now start decorating or moving your furniture into the loft.

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