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Easy Ways To Update And Revamp Your Staircase

A staircase, to many, may just be a practical means of getting from one floor to the next. However, if designed correctly, they can be a beautiful focal feature in any home. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring and there are many ways to update and revamp your staircase to alter the entire feel of a space.

Eccentric runner or treads

If wanting to upgrade your standard staircase, an easy way to do this is by inserting colour or pattern via a carpet runner or decorated treads. Soft furnishings from a runner, against painted wooden flooring, creates a sophisticated yet homely feel. If you are after something a little more eccentric, patterned treads using wallpaper, paint or tiling will subtly brighten this area of your home and make an exciting walkway to the next floor.

Statement light fixtures

Adding a light fixture works best in the landing or stairwell of your home. This doesn’t involve altering the actual stairs, yet brings a focal point to the area and makes a statement sure to catch the eye.

Add a new handrail

Switching up the handrail can change the whole appearance of a staircase and give the impression that you’ve had a whole new structure fitted. This is where you can add alternative materials to contrast or complement the existing textures in place. A classic black iron railing or clear glass sheet gives the illusion of increased space, whilst also adding an edge.

Gallery wall

Hanging multiple framed photos varying in size in a gallery format along the wall of your staircase brings life and interest to an otherwise bare space. Add a personal touch with family photos or source prints of artwork for a more contemporary feel.

Update seasonally

If you’re especially into crafts and DIY, why not decorate your staircase every few months to reflect the current season. As the stairs are often situated in the entrance of a home, make a positive first impression and welcome guests with seasonal décor to get them right in the mood for Christmas, Easter or Summer. This works best using garlands, lights and greenery.

Storage space

Take advantage of new storage opportunities by installing cupboards or shelves under your staircase. This will create a solution for clutter, plus looks stylish and quirky if done right.

A stairway to your loft conversion

If planning a loft conversion, it’s important to consider how best to utilise the space leading up to your new space, as well as choosing a design you like. Think bigger and better than your standard, fixed, pull-down, folding ladder. The stairway is a brand-new installation, so you have the creative freedom to choose something unique as well as practical.

In-depth thought about the initial structure is crucial. Interchangeable features such as a carpet runner and colour paint can be fairly easily altered when you feel like switching up your décor, but the structure of your loft staircase will remain for the long-term.

There are pros and cons to different designs, from space-saving staircases to spiral staircases, so research prior to construction is essential. You will need to take up your ideas with your architect or loft conversion company to ensure that it is compliant with the varying building regulations.

Abbey Partnership pay particular attention to ensure that the stairway leading to your loft conversion seamlessly blends in with the rest of your home and décor preferences. To discuss your loft conversion plans in more detail with a trusted team of specialists, contact Abbey Partnership on 0330 108 8839.