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Fun Home Interior Design Ideas & Gadgets to Make your House Awesome

We all have an idea of what we would want our dream home to look like, whether you choose to express this through a mood board, scrapbook or just via your imagination when daydreaming at work. Often, these dreams come with a rather large price tag attached, making your dream home seem unrealistic. However, there are some changes you can make to get you on your way to fulfilling your future goals.

Create a multi-purpose staircase

At first glance, this may seem a bit boring and not particularly imaginative. But, do not fear, there are many exciting and practical things you can do to make your staircase more interesting and utilise wasted space.

Slide through your home

An exciting way to get around your home, especially if you have kids! Obviously you will still need a normal staircase to climb up to the second floor, but why not make the way down a bit more interesting? Installing a slide next to your staircase is a pretty quirky feature, and it’ll also add some fun into your day!

Your very own book shop

If you are an avid reader for example, or like to collect classic literature, this could be the perfect design feature for you – a place to keep all of your beloved books. Plus, it adds interest to an otherwise boring aspect of the home.

Invest in a projector

Your new loft conversion or a spare room is an ideal space to transform into a home cinema, and with cinemas closed across the UK at the moment due to COVID-19, you’re likey to get a whole lot of use out of it! Adding a large sofa or comfy beanbags paired with lots of blankets and throws creates the perfect setup to enjoy with your friends and family. Perfect for a ‘stay-at-home’ date night and family cinema trips.

A touch of glass

Glass features in a home can take your interior from average to sophisticated. From glass floors and staircases to full-length sliding French doors, adding these features into your home will immediately make it look sleek and open, creating an illusion that the space is much bigger than that it actually is.

Switch to smart

The ‘smart’ lifestyle is nothing new in the world of technology and more and more gadgets are released each year to modernise the average UK home. From Amazon Alexa and Google Home, to mood lighting and mirrors that double as TV screens, there are endless options on the market for tech lovers.

If you are wanting to up your interior game and take it to the next level, but are struggling to do so with your current home setup, have you considered an extension or a loft conversion? This could be the ideal stepping-stone to achieving your dream home. Get in touch with our friendly team to discover your options.