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Get the Look: Interior Trends for 2023

New year, new look. January is all about starting anew, and one of the most satisfying ways to make a change in your life is to transform your home with the latest interior design trends. It’s amazing what a difference a fresh lick of paint can do! In this blog, you can find out what’s changed since we made our home interior design trend predictions for 2022. We’ve got the lowdown on the key interior trends for 2023, with simple, cost-effective tips on how to get the latest looks in your own home.

Calming blush pink bedroom. Accents of white and blush pink surround the desk area and a feature wall behind the bed consisting of pastel green and pink flower.

Home colour to reflect the now

You can’t discuss the latest interior design trends without focusing on the colours that are in right now. And from blush to Barbie pink, the scarlet end of the spectrum is definitely having a moment in 2023. Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, sets the tone with its bold, unconventional red hue – which will add just the right level of drama and interest paired with soft neutrals such as blue, green and beige. It’s a colour combination that would look striking in a luxury master bedroom

If you’re after something more muted, there are some lovely warm, pink shades making an appearance in the trendiest rooms and beautiful loft conversions at the moment. Taking its cue from nature, the earthy Redend Point is a home colour that conjures the magic of sunrise and the calming buff tone of the beach. And talking of the beach, Dulux’s Wild Wonder is a sandy golden yellow that will give your interior a real lift.

  • Get the look: Pops of colour can be enough to transform the whole mood of your interior, and the interior trends of 2023 reflect this. Stay ahead of living room trends: cover your sofa with an earthy, magenta throw or blanket, and warm up the room in an instant.

Grey bedroom with a zigzag striped motif as a feature wall.

Fall in line with a striped motif

One of the easiest interior trends of 2023 to adopt is the current fashion for stripes. Big and bold, high-contrast straight lines will look striking anywhere in your home, and if you don’t want to do anything too costly or make too much effort, they are easy to incorporate with the simple addition of a rug and a set of cushions.  

But stripes don’t just have to be straight! Wavy lines are among the interior design trends that we’re loving the most right now. Combining classic geometry with a sense of aquatic motion that’s simultaneously energising and calming. 

  • Get the look: A candy-striped duvet set will give your bedroom or loft conversion a sense of nautical style. 

Airy living room with a curves, light grey sofa and circular wooden mirror.

Follow the curve with rounded outlines

Wavy lines are part of a bigger interior trend in 2023: curves are in and corners are out. Rounded armchairs and sofas are all the rage this year, while circular rugs and domed lampshades are easy ways to celebrate the curve in all its glorious forms. If you’re planning any building work or alterations this year, you might want to consider building an archway – or you could simply settle for a painted curve over your doors.

  • Get the look: Circular pouffes and round coffee tables are among the latest furniture trends and will look effortlessly elegant in any interior.

What else is in store in 2023?

You’re keeping up with interior trends in 2023, but might you make other changes to your home? If you’re planning a loft conversion or extension this year, be sure to call us for a quote. Contact us on 0330 108 8838 or email