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Home Interior Design Trends For 2022

Thinking of sprucing up your home? Discover the latest home interior design trends for 2022 and bring your interiors up-to-date with design tips from the experts. 

On trend paint colours for 2022: deep blue something 

This year, we’re seeing a continuation of a trend for natural colours that’s been building for a while, bringing the outside in for organic interior beauty. But while earthy greens and browns are still very much fashionable, there are some gorgeous new twists for 2022. Deep blue and violet are both on trend paint colours for 2022. They are striking shades found in nature that reflect Pantone’s chosen Colour of the Year, a periwinkle blue. To get that exquisite, deep colour effect, teal and peacock blue are also becoming popular this year. 

If you don’t want to repaint an entire room in this year’s on-trend colours, you can get the look by adding pops of deep blue or teal. Sofa cushions, rugs, vases and picture frames are all cheap and easy ways to give your interior an instant facelift.

blue interior design of living room

Bold and beautiful: Kitchen chic

The kitchen is the heart of the home – so give it some love! In 2022, homeowners are opting to move away from their neutral colour comfort zone, using kitchen units as an eye-catching feature in all sorts of bright and bold shades – jewel-like hues of blue and scarlet, metallic finishes and accents of green. 

To partner with the new exciting colours, patterned wallpaper is rising in popularity – a reaction against the minimalism that we’ve seen in the kitchen for the last few years as an emerging interior design trend. Prints with flowers, fruit and foliage are a great way to hop on the ‘natural’ trend, and they’ll be right at home in the kitchen or near the garden. Or opt for a plain or textured wallpaper for subtle kitchen chic.

interior of kitchen with green cabinets

Changing rooms: Multifunctional spaces

Since the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, we’ve become used to our homes as multifunctional spaces. For many of us, home is no longer simply a place to relax – it’s also a workplace, a study and a creche! So, one interior design trend that’s here to stay is fluidity in our home spaces. In particular, kitchens and dining rooms are becoming more versatile, as are spare bedrooms and spaces that might not have been used to their full potential before, such as hallways and landings. 

So, how can you capitalise on this trend and create truly practical, multifunctional areas in your home? Features like standalone shelves can create room dividers so that you can create separate zones in open spaces. Smart, multifunctional furniture such as fold-out desks and TV cabinets where your entertainment area can be hidden during the day, are great ways to make the best use of your space.

Period features: Wall panelling 

The year may be 2022, but in our homes, it’s sometimes good to hark back to the past. Wall panelling is one popular interior design trend that can give your home a more traditional and elegant look. Choose one area to panel and create a feature wall to draw the eye, or opt for panels that just cover the bottom of your wall, up to dado rail height. Like the idea of panelling but not sure the rustic look is for you? Brighten up your interior with bold panels that will create an instant talking point for your guests. 

bedroom with green wall

Transform your home with Abbey Partnership

Here at Abbey, we can help you bring these 2022 home decor ideas to life! Whether it’s a new loft conversion or house extension, why not make this the year you transform your home with some new interior design trends? Just contact us to find out what we can do for you.