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How Long Does A Loft Conversion Take and How Disruptive Is It?

If you’re planning a loft conversion, it’s sensible to have a good understanding of the likely length of the project. There are practical questions you’ll need answered with as much clarity as possible, such as when you might need someone at home during the day, and what access you’ll have to the affected areas. You might also plan to get the work done at a particular time so that you can have it ready for friends staying over in the holidays. 

So, cards on the table: how long does it take to do a loft conversion – and what kind of disruption are you likely to experience? Depending on your home and the type of conversion you require, the entire project could take around 15 weeks from design to completion, although the building phase is much shorter. 

Let’s explore how that breaks down.

Three stages: planning, designing and building

When people ask how long a loft conversion takes, they’re often thinking about the building stage – the part that happens right at the end. But if you want your loft conversion to be ready by a particular deadline, there is some important preparatory work that you’ll also need to take into account.

  • Design stage: allow 2-3 weeks. The design stage happens right at the beginning. This is when the project team visits your house to survey the loft and work out important details like fire escape access and headroom, as well as talking to you about what design features you would like to include.
  • Planning stage: this varies. Allow up to 4 weeks for building regulations approval and up to 12 weeks for planning permission. The planning stage comes next. Once a design is drawn up, you will need to submit the plans to the local authority for building regulations approval. There may also be other consents that you need to obtain before moving on with the project, but your project team will advise you of these. 

Building stage: 4-8 weeks. Every loft conversion is different. We’ll be able to advise you how long your loft conversion will take to build when we survey your property. However, if you’re planning a simple Velux loft conversion, it’s good to know that the building stage could be completed in as little as 4 weeks.

dormer loft conversion bedroom

How long does planning permission take for a loft conversion?

First, the good news: in most cases, a loft conversion is a permitted development, which means you won’t require planning permission. 

However, there are some exceptions to loft conversion planning permission. 

If your loft conversion does require planning permission from the council, this is required before you apply for building regulations approval, and can typically take between 6 and 12 weeks to obtain. Your local council website may have more detailed information about what you can expect in your area.

The building stage: how disruptive is a loft conversion?

So you’ve got your loft conversion approved and you’re ready to get started with the building works. It can feel daunting to have such a big building project being carried out in your home, but it’s good to know that the majority of the work won’t be noisy or disruptive. Here at Abbey Partnership we are always careful to respect your space, and considerate about keeping things tidy.

For the first few weeks of the project, the team is likely to be accessing the loft from outside. It’s in the final stages that access will be needed from the house, when the staircase is installed and the plumbing, electrical work and decorating take place.

If you’d like to know more about exactly what happens while we’re building a loft conversion, you can check out our useful loft conversion schedule, which will explain what you can expect during each week of the project.

How long does a Velux loft conversion take?

A Velux loft conversion involves installing Velux windows into the roof, without altering the roofline in any way. It’s the simplest type to carry out, does not typically require planning permission, and can be completed in the least amount of time. On average, the building stage of a Velux loft conversion takes 4 weeks or less.

How long does a Dormer loft conversion take?

After the design and planning stages, an average Dormer loft conversion takes 4-6 weeks to build, from start to finish.

How long does a Hip to Gable loft conversion take?

A Hip to Gable loft conversion typically takes up to 6 weeks to build.

How long does a Mansard loft conversion take?

A Mansard loft conversion is more complex to carry out, as it requires the replacement of the entire roof. You can expect it the building stage to last for 7 or 8 weeks.

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