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How To Increase The Value Of Your House

Climbing the property ladder and looking for ways to add value to your house before putting it on the market? Follow our advice to help boost your properties price.

First impressions

When selling a property, the first impression is everything, and that starts as soon as a buyer sets their eyes on the property. The front façade of the house, porch area, windows and even the front door all count towards that all-important first impression. A clean, welcoming entrance gives a sense that the house has been well looked after, which can result in higher offers from interested buyers.


Creating a floor plan of your property can help identify opportunities to add space and light to your home. Some simple remodelling such as removing non-load bearing walls can create open, multi-functioning rooms which can increase house value. Consider any potential for utilising wasted space, such as a loft which could be converted into an additional bedroom or a home office space.

Clean and fresh decor

The most budget-friendly way to add value to your house is simply by giving it a good clean and a lick of paint. A dirty or dated home can detract from the potential of a property, whereas a fresh, blank canvas can allow buyers to imagine themselves in the house.


The kitchen is the heart of any home and buyers will focus on this area, so it is worth getting it in tip-top condition when looking to sell your property. If the kitchen is in good repair and is positioned well, simply replacing doors, handles and freshening up any paintwork can be enough to increase property value for a relatively low cost. Consider refurbishing your kitchen or plan an extension – both of which may increase the value of your home.


An additional bathroom will always increase the value of a house, so consider any areas where an extra bathroom could work within the property, perhaps as an en suite to a bedroom. It is also important to ensure bathrooms are in good condition with clean, modern facilities and neutral, fresh decor.


Homeowners place great value on outdoor space, so a garden is a real bonus to boost your properties price. Whether it’s a big or small outdoor area, a tidy garden where potential buyers can imagine spending summer evenings with friends or out playing with the kids, can work wonders in raising the value of your house.

Loft conversion

The two ways to add the most value to a home are by adding an extra bedroom or an additional bathroom, and with a loft conversion, you can do both. Although your attic may have always been where you stuff the Christmas tree once a year and store a few old dusty boxes, this forgotten area could add substantial value to your property. An extra bedroom with an en suite is the most attractive addition to buyers, but you can also consider the market in your area and style your loft conversion as a home office, or even a playroom.

If you are considering renovating your loft space to raise the value of your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how Abbey Partnership can help you through the process.