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How to Modernise a House: 7 Ideas to Truly Transform your Living Space

Is your house looking a little outdated? Could it be time to try something new? Sometimes a pop of colour may be all that’s needed to lift the look; or at the other end of the scale, a full-on building project might be in order to bring your property well and truly into the 2020s. From decorative uplifts to major structural changes (and everything in between), these home improvement ideas are everything you need to bring your property bang up-to-date. 

Add colour accents

Some of the most striking changes you can make to your interior décor are also the simplest. For a contemporary feel, small accents of bright colour can have a big impact. Choose cushions that contrast with your sofa (bright orange and coral are shades that stand out nicely from grey), or paint your chair or table legs in a distinctive hue. A vase of flowers in the same shade is a cheap and easy way to add extra colour pops for a bold, coordinated look. 

Contemporary living room, with bright orange and grey colours

Go open-plan 

Twenty-first-century living is all about breaking down barriers – literally! If you have a separate front room and dining room, or a dining room that’s walled off from the kitchen, knocking through an internal wall to create a larger, open-plan space will make your home feel light, airy and modern. Use distinct colours and patterns to create zones that differentiate the various areas within the larger space. 

Open plan modern home extension

Strip your floorboards 

Bare, wooden floors have a minimalistic, contemporary aesthetic that you just don’t get with carpet – and despite the lack of floor covering, their organic shine affords them a warmth all of their own. Co-ordinate your pared-back floorboards with other natural materials: woollen blankets, leather sofas and sheepskin rugs are all great choices to bring out the flair in your floor. The natural colour of the wood lends itself to a neutral colour scheme or even something brighter and bolder – whatever works for you.  

Embrace your dark side 

Magnolia walls and sparkling-white bathrooms are all very well, but for a truly modern mood, consider the dramatic effect of a bold, dark interior. Rather than making the walls close in, a well-chosen moody colour scheme will transform your home into a cosy, stylish haven. Navy, black and dark grey are all effortlessly avant-garde shades that will add instant sophistication, while rusty orange and terracotta are warmer ways to achieve a deep, earthy effect. 

Modern living space using darker shades

Upgrade your windows

Modernising your home isn’t just about the way it looks: it’s also about behind-the-scenes issues like energy efficiency, which can make your home feel more comfortable and cosy. Replacing your windows could be a way to combine both of these important factors: if you’re experiencing draughts and condensation, double or triple glazing will make your home warmer and more inviting. And at the same time, a new style of frames could give your property a shiny new look. 

Update your kitchen 

Kitchens and bathrooms are two areas that can really date a home. So if you’ve been putting it off for a while, now may be the time to bite the bullet and modernise your kitchen. This is a job that can be done on a budget – perhaps you could install a breakfast bar, invest in new flooring or update your cabinets, rather than stripping it all back and starting again. Or for a radical change, a kitchen extension could totally transform your property (not to mention adding value to your home). 

Modern kitchen extension project

Be smart about space 

To minimise clutter, it’s important to make the most of every square inch available. If you had to pay rent for that pile of old books on the landing, or the armchair you inherited from your in-laws, would it be worth the cost? Be ruthless about the objects you choose to share your living space with – and for the things that you really want to keep, invest in smart storage solutions such as under-stairs cupboards. If all that isn’t enough to keep your home sleek, minimal and clutter-free, consider the benefits of a loft conversion: an extra room where you could study, relax or sleep.   

Abbey Partnership: the loft conversion and home extension experts 

At Abbey Partnership, we never stop getting excited about upgrading our client’s homes. Our designers are full of ideas to help you realise your dreams. So if you’re planning a loft conversion or home extension, why not contact us to arrange a free site survey today?