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How To Turn Your Loft Into An Epic Home Cinema

A home cinema is an extremely desirable feature in any home. If your loft is not currently serving any purpose of value, this could be the perfect solution. Enjoy your favourite films and newly released blockbusters away from the hubbub of your living room where it’s easy to get distracted by to-do lists and demanding house chores.

Create a quiet space to wind down and restore sanity at the end of a busy day and make your dream a reality with these simple steps.

Structural safety

It’s likely that you will spend a great deal of time in your exciting, new home cinema, therefore it is vital that the structure is safe. Professional assistance is recommended in transforming your loft into your desired, cosy space. This may require foundational work on flooring and walls, plus electrical accessibility to ensure you can hook up your TV or projector as well as any gaming consoles. As experts in our field, we can ensure your loft conversion abides by all necessary regulations and suits your needs.

TOP TIP: Soundproofing your loft will guarantee complete peace and quiet away from noisy neighbours and the outside world.

Create comfort

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable at the cinema. This can often be the case with old, worn chairs that are in need of being updated. Invest in a big L-shaped sofa or giant bean bags as well as blankets and cushions to ensure premium comfort.

You may also want to insulate your loft. Attic rooms are often fairly cold as they tend to lack extra heating or body temperature. Adding a layer of insulation will instantly keep any heat within the room so it stays warmer for longer. You could also install a radiator if plumbing or budget allows. If not, a good quality electric heater will do the job.

Pick an appropriate colour scheme

Cinemas are often dark places lacking bright or neutral colours in order to create calm and ensure the entire focus is on the screen only. Recreate this with dark greys, greens and browns as an alternative to black.

Block out any light

Invest in effective blackout blinds that you can keep closed whilst utilising your cinema room. Any leaking light will be disruptive and alter the ‘cinema’ feel of the space. Of course, you may choose to install windows in your loft conversion, and this will prove beneficial if you decide to change the function of your space in the future.

Opt for a projector

A projector is a suitable (and often more affordable) alternative to a TV screen. Requiring a large, plain wall or pull-down screen, you can watch your chosen film in full-size, cinema style. Other gadgets you might want to consider are dimmer switches and surround sound speakers, both of which will add to the atmosphere.

Add a mini-bar

Why not add a mini-bar containing all of your favourite drinks and snacks to keep you satisfied during screenings. These can be fairly inexpensive but look the part when inviting friends and family over for a movie night.

The next step to your dream home cinema room

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