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Loft Conversion Ceiling Design Ideas

Most of us would probably admit to giving short thrift to our ceilings, focusing more on making a feature of vertical walls, incorporating other decorative ideas around our rooms, and making do with slapping a couple of coats of white emulsion on the ‘wall’ above our heads.

However, a loft conversion presents many opportunities to increase natural light inside your home and provides an interesting canvas on which to unleash your creativity.

There are also many practical as well as decorative benefits to lavishing some time and money on the ceiling in your loft conversion so why not consider one of these fantastic finishes:

Let there be light

Opening up a whole new space in your home by carrying out a loft conversion paves the way for a whole host of ways of introducing more natural light into your home.

Conversions that incorporate the character of the roof space, such as vaulted ceilings, gables and beams, can be further enhanced with casement windows or balconied window spaces.

Roof light windows are ideal in conversions where the roof space has not been increased, providing an unobscured view of the sky. Velux windows are a popular choice and can be used in a multiple window configuration to maximise light in the room. Just remember to close them on a wet day.

Dormer windows are ideally set into the roof slope and allow a lot of natural light into the room.

If space is an issue then a frameless glass pane may not be as versatile as a window that opens but it will still allow you to make a feature of the view.

We recommend self-cleaning glass and advise customers to budget for blinds if your windows are south-facing.

Kept in the dark

Far from having a ‘drawing-in’ effect, dark ceilings create drama and atmosphere, just like the night sky above. Darker paint shades absorb light so using a satinwood or eggshell paint will give your ceiling a reflective finish. Tie the same shade into elements of your soft furnishings and furniture to help bring the room together and balance the effect of the dramatic ceiling.

‘Wood’n’t it be nice?

We may be more used to seeing wood panels on walls but their sturdy nature makes them long-lasting and ideal for absorbing sound between floors and from the outside world – something to consider if you are using your loft conversion as a music room or home cinema. Wood panels require little pre-treatment, can be painted prior to installation and to match your interior colour scheme. Darker woods create a cosy feel but if you are looking to keep things light, think about adding windows or jewel-like colours to brighten the effect.

Don’t tire of tiles

We may naturally associate tiles with our bathrooms and kitchens but they can also bring character to ceilings. Tin tiles were originally used on ceilings in North American factories and warehouses and are enjoying a resurgence bringing industrial chic to loft living. If your budget doesn’t stretch to the real thing you can also buy tin tile wallpaper to emulate the effect.

Bold Hues

Bright, bold colour offers a cheerful, eye-catching alternative to the standard white ceiling. Cool hues help to give the impression of height while warmer colours make a room feel more cost. Block colours are more versatile for living spaces but if your loft conversion is going to be a child’s playroom or bedroom then a brightly coloured ceiling mural can add an element of fun.

In Print

Eye-catching printed wallpaper provides maximum impact with minimum effort. Papering a ceiling will not only have an immediate, dramatic effect, it also creates an intimate space if the walls are papered too. Vinyl wallpaper helps to avoid air bubbles and if you have an en-suite in your loft conversion there are also splash-proof and antibacterial ranges that are suitable for bathrooms.

Industrial Chic

Bring your man cave in from the cold and create an ‘urban’ space that makes a feature of ‘unfinished’ surfaces. Exposed ceilings can be painted in neutral colours set off by filament bulb lighting for an industrial look. Add some pops of bright colour to add depth and soften the effect.

A Touch of Gold

Metallics reflect light beautifully, which can be further enhanced by candlelight*, and can help to open up a small space. A gilded ceiling will instantly add a feeling of glamour and opulence to your loft conversion. Gold and silver are incredibly versatile tones which work well alongside a range of colours, from inky hues to jewel-like tints and natural shades.

*Never leave a room with a lit candle unattended.

If these ideas have got you reaching for the stars then contact the team at Abbey Partnership who have been converting lofts in North London and the Home Counties for more than 16 years. With over 600 projects completed you can trust Abbey Partnership to deliver a loft conversion you’ll love.