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Small Loft Conversion Ideas and Inspiration


A loft conversion will give you extra space to enjoy your home (without the stress of moving), while adding around 25% to the value of your property.

You may be wondering whether your home is suitable for a small loft conversion, and what things you need to consider before you convert your space. 

Converting a small loft 

The main things that we consider when taking measurements on a loft are: 

  • Head height. From the top of the ceiling joist, down to the bottom of the timber ridge, this should measure no less than around 2.2m. This will avoid a cramped feel to a loft. However, you’ll have the option of raising the roof to fit in a small loft conversion. 
  • Pitch Angle. This refers to the angle of the roof so that you have enough room to convert a loft space.
  • Footprint of the room. This is the amount of floor space we have to work with. A loft conversion specialist, like us at Abbey Partnership, will advise on maximising space for small loft conversions.


Converting your loft space into a nursery is a perfect way to create a light, airy space for you and your infant. By maximising the space and using clever storage solutions, you can use your new nursery loft conversion to store their toys, clothes and hold furniture such as dressers and nursing chairs. 

If you’re expecting, the good news is that small loft conversions only take around 4-6 weeks to complete. This gives you plenty of time to plan, decorate, and start building your dream nursery. 

As your baby grows, this loft nursery conversion can be turned into a fun playroom for your child. For safety, windows can be fitted with guard and safety screens too. 

Home office

A home office is the perfect way to utilise a small loft conversion if you work from home. Depending on the size of your loft, we often build bathrooms into the conversion so that you’re able to completely focus while in your new office space.

A home office loft conversion also helps to separate this room from the rest of the house. This means that once you’ve finished a day at work, you can turn the computer off and head downstairs to enjoy your evening. 

laminate flooring in a loft conversion

Cinema room 

A loft conversion cinema room in a small space will create a warm, cosy place to watch your favourite movies.

For a cinema room, consider the use of light during the design phase. You’ll likely want to create a dark space for the perfect home cinema, with dark shades on the walls and floor. 

Walk-in wardrobe

Create your dream walk-in wardrobe with a small loft conversion. To accommodate all of your clothes, shoes and accessories, a walk-in closet can be designed and created exactly how you want it. 

A loft conversion specialist can utilise the unique angles and corners of your loft space to help you create the perfect storage solutions for your valuables. 

walk in wardrobe in a loft conversion

Small loft conversion cost 

A small loft conversion in St Albans will usually cost around £45,000. This is an investment into your property, and you’re likely to see around a 25% increase in the value of your home. 

Contact us to discuss your small loft conversion ideas

There are so many ways you can transform your home with a small loft conversion. We’ve listed a few, less common conversion ideas – but you can also turn your new space into a spare or master bedroom, bathroom or home gym. 

If you’d like to know more about us, you can find out about our working process or book a free consultation and quote.