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The Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Is your attic currently full of old broken furniture, dusty children’s toys and boxes of who knows what? Do you wish you had an extra room at home, yet don’t want to relocate somewhere new? If yes, it may be time to consider a loft conversion. There are many benefits to investing in an attic conversion, but here are just some of the most important.

Additional room

Whether your family is expanding or you’ve become bored of tripping over each other’s feet, there are many reasons why additional room in your house may be welcome. Fortunately, if you have an attic, you have valuable space just waiting to be used. By clearing out your current attic space and having your loft converted, you can take advantage of the extra space without having to relocate or fork out for a house extension.


One of the greatest benefits of having your loft converted is that the additional space is extremely versatile. Whether you dream of your very own reading corner or you envisage a whole studio flat for lodgers, with a loft conversion the choice is yours. There are many great ways to take advantage of a loft conversion, from designing guest bedrooms to home studies, making it a highly versatile investment for any home.

Increased property value

One of the greatest benefits of having your loft converted is the additional value it can add to your home. Even if you aren’t planning to sell up in the near future, it never hurts to consider ways to increase your property’s selling value – and investing in a loft conversion is an extremely cost-effective way to do so. In fact, according to researchcarried out by the Nationwide Building Society, having your loft converted could increase the value of your home by 20% – a statistic impossible to ignore.

Energy efficiency

In addition to being incredibly useful and cost-effective, loft conversions are also very energy efficient. For instance, by installing skylights, you can enjoy high levels of natural light and warmth while cutting down on your energy costs – a bonus for homeowners looking to do their bit for the environment and save money at the same time. If you work from home or simply fancy a bit of daytime rest and relaxation, consider making the most of your well-lit loft conversion instead of putting the lights on downstairs.

The benefits of having a loft conversion are endless, which is why we at Abbey Lofts are dedicated to designing and installing only the highest quality loft conversions in London and the South East. With over 15 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to build a conversion to be proud of. Whether you picture a brand new bedroom, bathroom or lounge area, we’ll go above and beyond to make your dreams a reality.

For more information about our loft conversion services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of design experts today.