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Detailed Guide on the Different Types of Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are an efficient way to maximize the space in your current home, without causing too much disruption due to prolonged construction.

There are, generally speaking, three main types of loft conversions (excluding simple Velux conversions) commonly found in homes across the UK, each slightly different, but all aiming to give you and your family extra living space.

The three main options are dormer, hip to gable and mansard loft conversions.


This type of loft conversion involves constructing a vertical wall from the bottom of the sloping roof. A flat roof is then built to meet the vertical wall, in order to give maximum headroom in the loft extension.

  • Most common type of loft conversion
  • Can also be gable fronted or hipped roofed
  • Planning permission often not needed

To find out more about dormer loft conversions, including pros, cons, a volume calculator and planning permission requirements, click here.


Hip to gable loft conversions aim to increase the relatively small existing space of properties with hipped roofs. The sloping, or ‘hipped’ side of a roof is changed to a flat gable end.

  • Planning permission may be needed
  • Extra space can be used for a variety of purposes, including offices or extra living space
  • Suitable for detached, semi-detached, chalet and bungalow properties

To find out more about hip to gable loft conversions, including their suitability for different types of property and planning permission considerations, click here.


This type of loft conversion is typically constructed at the rear of your property, has a flat roof and a back wall that slopes inwards at 72 degrees. As mansard loft conversions involve significant change to a property’s structure, they can be more expensive than other conversions, and involve more construction work.

  • Particularly common in urban areas and terraced housing
  • Windows typically housed in dormers
  • Often require planning permission

To find out more about mansard loft conversions, including cost considerations and conversion ideas, click here.

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