The countdown to Christmas is on – welcome the frosty mornings and excitement in the air! You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to cover your entire house with crazy, tacky Christmas decorations to make it feel seasonal. This year is all about stripping it back and keeping your home neutral and inviting for those evenings in and festive parties.

You’ll need to swap out the small touches you put in for Fall with winter-appropriate accessories. Again, this doesn’t have to cost much – we all know money can be tight with all the Christmas shopping and events going on.

Create that wintery aroma

When you walk back into your house after a long day, there is nothing like the scent of Christmas to get you feeling festive. This doesn’t have to be overpowering, from classic scents such as gingerbread or pine to subtler smells like vanilla or cedarwood.

Placing scented candles, reed diffusers or essential oils around your home is the first step to creating that wintery atmosphere you desire. Why not add bowls of potpourri as an accent on your coffee table for the ultimate Christmas aroma and appearance?

Avoid tacky bright colours

Commercial Christmas decorations may involve bright reds and greens, showering every shop front or street corner, but you don’t have to go overboard with these colours in your home. Neutral base colours with darker accents and added greenery will create a cosy, winter environment that you won’t get sick of.

Of course, more obvious festive features can be added in here and there. Hints of tartan and traditional Christmas ornaments will make sure you feel festive enough without having to overhaul your entire interior.

Also, switching up bedding and soft furnishings with more Winter appropriate colours and patterns can change the whole feel of a room, without having to do much at all.

Dress your fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, you will want to take full advantage of this during the festive season and make it the focal point of the room.

Add a winter garland made up of green foliage, pinecones, berries and white flowers to your mantelpiece. Then, surround this with warm lights or candles to boost the ambience.

Display firewood beside your fireplace to add a rustic feel in preparation for warming up your home. You could even add a rocking chair and faux fur throw for your very own reading nook.

Craft a winter scene

Whether you opt for a traditional nativity scene or a vibrant winter wonderland, a Christmas display placed on a sideboard in your living room or as a centrepiece on your dining room table will tie in with the other décor and add a more obvious seasonal element to your home. Plus, this is a great family activity to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Don’t forget the exterior

Now you’ve got the interior of your home up to scratch and ready for the festive season, it’s time to add a little magic to the exterior. This is the first thing people will see when approaching your home, so you want it to be warm and welcoming whilst still reflecting Christmas.

A traditional Christmas wreath, adorned with greenery, woods and whites complemented by classic sparkling lights will create a sophisticated and inviting entryway to your home. If you’re feeling a little more extravagant, add a light-up reindeer or some mini Christmas trees alongside this.

Considering a bigger home renovation?

During the festivities, if you discover that your current set-up doesn’t quite work for your family or social life, why not consider an extension or loft conversion to expand your home and cater to your extra needs?

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