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10-Year Guarantee

Abbey 10-Year Guarantee

Experienced tradesmen of a high standard carry out all aspects of our work, with the Local Authority Building Surveyor checking structural alterations and fire safety requirements during construction. A Completion Certificate, issued by the Approved Inspectors, will be obtained and given to you on completion together with our 10 Year guarantee (details of cover provided in the contract).

IWA Warranty (optional)

Converting the loft in your home can sound like a daunting prospect, especially when you hear the horror stories about rogue builders running amok. That’s why we at Abbey Partnership make a point of recognising these concerns by offering unrivalled 10-year warranty on all structural work, as an optional safety net.

The IWA calls it ‘fuss-free cover with no hidden catches’, and this is exactly why we decided to select them as our underwriting service which we can offer to all our clients. The cover is continuous for the full 10 years and can even be transferred when you sell your home.

IWA is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.